Environmental Solutions

Stockton Heath Project Management has the technical resource to resolve your waste treatment and disposal problems. 

At SHPM Ltd we have experience of working with a wide range of companies across many industry sectors, identifying and implementing the most cost effective solution for effluent treatment, disposal, and enabling clients to comply with environmental legislation.

Our experience of this market place brings the benefits to all our clients including:

•   Design of process effluent systems •   Water Treatment Systems •   Water softeners •   Industrial process water •   Waste water •   Drinking water treatment •   Reverse osmosis treatment •   pH correction •   Odour/taste/bacteria removal •   Sediment/colour filtration •   Installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and repair

Environmental Solutions

Composted Leachate


Concept and Detailed Design of Ammonia Recovery Prototype from Composted Leachate

  We undertook the Conceptual design and build of a prototype unit and carried out trial study including in depth analyses of the results obtained from leachate produced within an UK leading Composting facility;

· Utilising the facilities existing plant and equipment to minimise capital costs the process air stripped the ammonia from leachate via an existing venturi scrubber.

· A bespoke design of two stage recovery and plant achieving a saleable and profitable product stream with a payback of less than 18 months;

· Full Process design, equipment specification selection, technical bid analysis,

· Full Process Safety Assessment,

· Compact layout & design, to mobilise the solution within shipping containers,

· Minimise Engineering costs, inspection costs, asset management,

· Ensuring Boda Mona Specification constantly attainable and feed stock fully compliant to the Animal By-products Regulations 2005

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