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In today's modern world organisations are continually changing, reviewing and developing their capabilities on a regular basis. The implementation of new strategies and initiatives will be delivered by our experienced project managers.

Stockton Heath Project Management are able to provide project managers who have the skills and experience to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

Our project managers achieve this through developing close working relationships with the client in order to better understand their specific requirements and deliver an end product which exceeds their expectations and demands.

Effective project planning is a crucial aspect of successful project management. We have developed over many years a project management structure which aims to:

· Organise people to ensure responsibilities and lines of communication are clear

· Plan the work in a way which achieves results

· Ensure that all interested parties are involved

· Resolve issues which arise

· Identify and manage risks

· Ensure quality

· Keep up to date information which tracks the development of the project

· Audit to ensure standards are being followed

Our engineers have extensive experience of working to the time restrictions placed on projects by the client. This includes working to production schedules and on site shut downs. All our engineers are highly flexible and will develop a project plan to suit the individual needs of the client and the project.

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